2022 - ...

Over the years, the company has evolved over 3 generations. Still located at the same address, the company offers the same services with more advanced technologies. 2022 see the arrival of an E-commerce. Customers and dealers can now order their products online. St-Pierre Moteur also sees something new in their name. Indeed, the company will henceforth be named STP 1958. The 2 important things in this name are ''STP'' for St-Pierre (surname of the founder and the two other following generations) and ''1958'' for the year of foundation of the company.​


In 2018, Francis took full ownership of the company following the retirement of his father Jean. The company has acquired precision tools and personnel specialized in the field. Local and regional businesses continue to trust St-Pierre Moteur Service.​

An important innovation is implemented in 2015. St-Pierre Moteur now performs cylinder replating entirely on site. It thus becomes the 3rd company in Canada to carry out this work.​


In 1973, interested in the business, Jean joined his father René to work alongside him. Five years later, having gained experience in machining, Jean acquired the family business. Over the years the company increases its clientele and gains experience.

1958 à 1973 

In May 1958, while working as a machinist, René St-Pierre decided to make his dream of owning his own machine shop come true. This was then the birth of ‹‹ St-Pierre Moteur ››. To do this, he acquired the building at 820 rue Notre-Dame Est. The company's specialty was the reconditioning of gasoline and diesel engines. Over the years, Mr. St-Pierre has reinvested to improve the building and obtain the necessary machinery to better satisfy his customers.